It was during a walk around Gracia, and more concretely in the street Torrent de l’Olla, that we found ourselves face to face with the most beautiful shop you can possibly think of.

The little tables made of wood and metal, the boxes full of small flowers and the colored vases took over us, and we had no choice but to satisfy our curiosity by discovering the La-a store.

In a few words, there’s plenty to please the eyes! This shop is a small marvel filled to the brim with treasures.


Everything catches the eye. There’s a slew of details, but also plenty of authenticity. This is a shop that you visit as if it was a museum. You tiptoe around it, eyes full of wonder, and it’s so hard to leave without wanting to buy it all!


At this store, you will mostly find decoration items.

Earthen pots, china pots.


Letters made from old wood.




Plants and plenty of flowers, cactus as well…

Some stationery.

And beautiful vases in all shapes
la-a56789   la-a7

It’s a beautiful mess where there’s a place for everything and everything has a place.

It’s inspiring, it makes you want to create… but La-a does it for you!

The prices aren’t over the top for the materials used, so trendy in these days.

We let you enjoy everything in the photos, but we strongly encourage you to pay a visit to the store, you won’t be disappointed with this pretty discovery.

The La – a site

The La – a blog

Torrent de l’olla, 86 · 08012 Barcelona

La-a is a space where you can find an object, a concert or a workshop.

Aware of its time, La-a develops with the values required today.

Always close, it tries to embrace different cultural environments, blending a contemporary spirit with the traditional know-how.


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